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For anyone who needs to work more effectively across cultural boundaries in business

Develop Awareness

How culture impacts on global business.

Build Knowledge

How to recognize, map and build bridges across cultures

Improve Skills

Techniques for effective cross-cultural communication

Improve Your Cross-Cultural Competence

Cultural differences in business can lead to all manner of misunderstandings. But cultural differences also represent an opportunity for personal, team, and organizational learning.

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Building Global Work Skills for Two Decades

In global business people from different cultural backgrounds sometimes approach business in different ways, particularly in areas like…

  • communicating
  • team-working
  • leading and managing
  • dealing with conflict
  • decision-making and negotiating 

Our digital learning modules help you learn how to recognise and understand cultural differences, and how to make informed choices about the best way to get things done with partners, clients and colleagues from different cultures. 

  • A framework for understanding what culture is and how cultural differences can impact in your working life.
  • Understanding of the challenges of working across boundaries of culture and the choices choices you have in responding.
  • Awareness of your own cultural values and attitudes and how your communication and working styles can be seen by people from different cultures.
  • Hints, tips and techniques for better cross-cultural management, leadership and communication, and for collaborating effectively within a global virtual network .

Choose the combination of digital learning modules that work best for you.

Or blended learning courses that include live online workshops to build a broad range of awareness, understanding and skills.

Since 2001 Culturewise’s cultural awareness learning solutions have enabled thousands of leaders, managers, team-members and others to work more effectively across the boundaries between countries and cultures

We create consistently better individual, team, and organisational performance by developing cultural and communication competence

Our training solutions draw on a robust and proven resource of methodology, techniques and content to deliver maximum real-world impact. We have brought twenty years of training knowhow to a new and unique range of digital learning modules.

Our digital learning modules will benefit anyone involved in international business including… 

  • International Assignees and Expatriates.
  • International Managers, Leaders, and Team-Members.
  • Global Negotiators.
  • International HR, Sales, R&D, and Marketing Employees.

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