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Discover hints, tips, strategies, and techniques to help you work more effectively across cultural boundaries.

General Cultural Awareness Digital Learning Modules

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Think You Might Benefit From Our Digital Learning?

This free introductory module explores your pre-existing beliefs about cultural differences and how you can benefit from e-learning.

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What Is Culture Is And Why It Is Important?

In this course you will learn what culture is, why it is important, and the business benefits of better cross-cultural working.

The Importance of Cultural Self-Awareness

The Importance Of Cultural Self-Awareness

You will learn why awareness of your own values, attitudes and beliefs is a vital part of effective cross-cultural working.

The Components Of Cross-Cultural Competence

The Components of Cross-Cultural Competence

You will learn about the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in working across cultures.

Strategies For Mapping Cultural Differences

Strategies For Mapping Cultural Differences

You will learn two key strategies for mapping cultural differences and similarities.

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Mapping Cultural Differences at Work

You will learn how and where cultural differences impact in the work and business environment.

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Best Practices for Bridging Cultural Differences

You will learn hints, tips, strategies and techniques for bridging cultural differences at work.

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Integrating Cultural Differences to Add Value

You will learn how to integrate cultural differences to add value to your business or team.

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